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Important innovation is distribution of the general need for financial means between electric energy, electric power, thermal energy, thermal power and services proportionally to prime cost. Thus, possibility of cross subsidizing of one types of service at the expense of others is eliminated that is important in conditions when the enterprise makes at the same time both competitive, and exclusive production.

The most important condition consists in possibility of division of groups of consumers on their solvency by means of collection of a different payment for the same goods. Apparently process of price discrimination presents a form of redistribution of means from group with high solvency to group from the low. Therefore price diskrimina-

Regulation of tariffs for electric and thermal energy (the size of a payment for services) is made now not only on representation by the producers of energy who are power supplying with the organizations, the organizations rendering services in the wholesale and consumer markets, calculations and justifications but also at the initiative of regulator.

For each group the set of possible types of tariffs and relevant requirements can be recommended for the accounting of consumption of power and energy, also – and for consumers of heat power. This method demands introduction of the system of mnogostavochny tariffs including:

change of costs of production and transfer of electric and thermal energy more than for 2 percent, the caused change of balance of electric energy and power, an increase in prices for fuel, the equipment, other material resources or revision of conditions of the tariff agreement on a salary;

In view of the fact that natural monopolies, as a rule, make production necessary for normal functioning of the majority of the enterprises and the making considerable part of the resources consumed by them, non-payments for production of natural monopolies develop into crisis of non-payments in scales of economy of the state. Distribution of non-payments – result of price discrimination of the natural monopolies and other economic structures having influence in the market and which are not constrained in the activity by the regulating influence of the state.

Such mechanism of correction of expenses can extend on all articles of expenses except for expenses on technological fuel and a salary (the main and additional) in product cost.

At the same time full solvent demand could be significantly more if the monopolist had opportunity to selektirovat groups of consumers on their solvency by means of purpose of the different prices.

All other types of mnogostavochny tariffs demand carrying out research on justification of tariff rates and study of conditions on their application. Besides, for their introduction new metering devices are necessary. The part of such devices is developed, but is not used in a mass order yet, the part is at a development stage, and by some types of devices specifications are not even formulated.

Standard method of distribution of fuel consumption at combined heat and power plant between electric and thermal energy. Providing distribution of fuel between electric and thermal energy, vyrabatyvyemy at combined heat and power plant, in proportion to fuel consumption at development of the same quantity of electric and thermal energy in the separate scheme, distribution of constant expenses is made in proportion to the cost of fuel carried on production of heat and the electric power.

Despite the approval of the main documents regulating an order of regulation of tariffs for energy still there is a number of serious shortcomings of standard and methodical bases of determination of prime cost and tariffs, the most essential of which:

Eksergetichesky. When advantages of the combined heating cycle fall on holiday of thermal energy, as useful production only that part of energy which can be transformed to mechanical work (exergy) admits.