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" Because mind is similar to a mirror: reflecting, it becomes covered with dust, It needs sincere wisdom which gentle whiffs which are able displace from it dust of our illusions. Aspire, about Beginning, to combine the mind and the soul together." Silence voice.

to form a kernel of the World Brotherhood without distinction of an origin and religion, race and skin color, a floor. His members undertake to seek constantly for self-improvement moral and to the feasible help to the neighbors, - the help spiritual, and at opportunity and material;

The side between truth and lie, visible and invisible is very indistinct, but in the presence of the "experience" defining "a world picture", existing and developing in consciousness under the influence of this "experience" and ability not to deny "invisible" in its "visible" forms - this side is quite notable. Such talent E. P. Blavatskaya also had. In today she would be "prophet", for new culture, a wave of change of values of a picture of the world rational (visible) and irrational (invisible).

Truly to understand this party of her life, it is necessary to know that what sort of the obligation it imposes such "apprenticeship" in what it consists, on the pupil and what in the east the attitude of the pupil of occult school towards the Teacher.

In essence the subject of this work is a little wider, than transfer of the dates and places connected with a name of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The main thing that forced me to pay to it attention, was its representation about volume "unusual" that surrounds us in conscious and unconsciousnesses of our existence everywhere. Osno

blind people of our time connect with supernatural, were in childhood of the world congenital and came to the person also naturally, as ability of movement or thinking". Secret Doctrine, volume

On an attestation of eyewitnesses *) the childhood and her youth leaked under very happy conditions in the educated and very close-knit family with humane traditions and extremely soft attitude towards people. For the summer all family you -

Finishing, I cannot but note the growing interest among youth in izoterichesky literature, art and music, bearing change of values of a picture of the world; well it or is bad - difficultly to tell. But it will occur sooner or later, despite resistance of an old frame of reference and values. The people who once realized all size of the sky over the head and who saw "invisible", or at least not resisting the future change of their consciousness will move to the following level of evolution of the person and then the new era of pure "truth" will begin.

I consider that for many people, blocking of visible things their consciousness, does not give sufficient freedom to see "invisible". However would be wrong to consider that many "visible" things absolutely precisely reflect the essence, there are a wish to enter concept of the third level: "intuition" (or still something that does not have the name) which supplements usual things with some new sense, and sometimes, in special conditions of consciousness overflows these "things" to a "invisible" state.

Unfortunately, I had till today no sufficient time in more detail to get acquainted with activity and Blavatskaya E.P. creativity., but, based on what I after all managed to examine, I consider that if E. P. Blavatskaya lived among us today, some postulates of her Theosophy would lose the relevance though thus would look is quite modern.

howl my reflections of steel my personal "experience" of communication with things, grindings of sight of science, not important; though I cannot tell that it occurs very often. However, even one insignificant detail, a case or something else, can change in a root if not life then will reduce confidence in indestructibility of a rational explanation of various phenomena or events.

As one more proof of its high occult development its persistent silence concerning all circumstances of this mysterious period of her life serves. Any true never, under no circumstances, tells a forehead about the belonging to school and about anything, belonging to its occult training.