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There is also such point of view that to the information sphere is inexpedient to refer production of technical means for training and transformation of information, its carriers, communication channels etc. So, V. Tambovtsev sees five large blocks in the information market: scientific and technical products, objects of art culture, administrative data and messages, household information, services and obrazovaniye.7

The value, or usefulness, information consists in opportunity to give an additional freedom of action to the consumer. Information expands a set of possible alternatives and helps to estimate their consequences correctly.

As a rule, the state assumes regulation of process of production and distribution of information products without which society cannot normally develop. It creates more or less equal opportunities in the sphere of consumption of information products. After all interests of society demand that the considerable part of information would be available, that is why the state and the profitless organizations assume a covering of expenses on ensuring access to information. By the way, we will note that in some cases private business is also interested in rather simple and cheap access to information, for example when carrying out advertizing campaigns.

At the same time force of information impact on society and the personality constantly grows. Security with information goods and services, possibilities of information exchange characterize readiness of society for social and economic changes. Lag closes access to the latest information in the sphere of information production and involves lag both in traditional, and in the newest branches of economy.

From the technological and economic points of view production, an exchange, distribution and consumption of information have a number of specific features. Most brightly and unexpectedly they are shown in the conditions of the market organization of reproduction process.