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At all uniformity of kizhsky chapels the range of their architectural and composite distinctions is wide. In one of them the western side-altar is similar to the small platform as in Podjelnikakh, in another, on the contrary, it is developed to the refectory scale much exceeding the area of the chapel as it is made in Vasilyev. In this chapel the belltower has minor character, and into Kavgore or in Ust-Yandom it develops into the main architectural form of the building, subordinating to herself all its composition and defining its artistic image.

However these features of two monuments do not bring in their general composition of essential distinctions. In specific features of these two same monuments many-sided shades of receptions and methods of national wooden architecture, always unique even reveal at the seeming repeatability.

The matter is that the subroofing design of this chapel which remained in an original look bears in itself as if two different sources of information on roof type. On an old chapel there are traces and the remains of chickens, and on new - there is neither that, nor another. How to arrive in such cases? By what type of a roof it is necessary to be guided at its restoration?