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When one person greets another with a smile, a head nod, a frown, an oral greeting, etc., in THAT language it is called as contact. Two or more contacts make transaction. All transaction can be divided on additional, crossed and hidden.

Experiences of the personality register in a brain and in nervous cages. They include all experiences of the childhood all adopted at parents, perception of the events and feelings connected with the occurred events and the distortions introduced in memoirs. These records are stored like records on a magnetic tape. They can be reproduced, and to remember events and even to worry anew.

Gestures, looks, pose, tone of a voice, etc. - everything makes the contribution to sense of each transaction. Completely to understand told, it is necessary to consider nonverbal aspects of transaction also well as well as the said words.

When the condition of the Parent is incomplete or substantially the Adult can be trained in inadequate, parental qualities. Methods of development of new states I the Parent are in a development stage. You have a unique state I the Parent, being probably mix of useful and harmful behavior. Understanding of your Parent gives you more various choice of ways of behavior.

According to Dr. Burn, his theory arose when he observed the changes in behavior of the patient happening in it at hit in the center of its attention of new incentives, such as words, gesture, a sound. These changes included looks, intonations of a voice, structure of the speech, gestures, a mimicry, a pose and a manner to behave. It occurred so as if in the personality there were some various people. From time to time this or that of these persons, apparently, operated all identity of the patient.

The transactional analysis is the rational method of understanding of behavior based on the conclusion that each person can learn to trust himself, to think for himself, to make independent decisions and openly to express the feelings. Its principles can be applied at work, at home, at school, with neighbors - everywhere where people deal with people.

The person who has alternative decisions, can then estimate possible consequences of different types of the behavior. These functions of the Adult serve for reduction of possibility of failures and chagrin and are directed on increase in artistic triumphs.

Imagine mother who is loudly abusing the disobedient child. Her face is frowned, the voice is sharp, and the hand is highly brought over the head. Suddenly phone calls, and she hears a voice of the girlfriend. Mother's pose, tone of her voice and a look start changing. Recently strained hand quietly falls.

It is known that the babies deprived for a long time of physical contact with people degrade and eventually perish. Therefore, lack of emotional communications can have a fatal outcome for the person. These supervision confirm thought of existence of touch hunger and of need for life of the child of incentives which provide it physical contact. It is easy to come to this conclusion and on the basis of daily experience.

Each personality has three states I which are separate and special sources of behavior: state I Parent, state I Adult and state I Child. And it not abstract concepts, but reality.

The brain and nervous system of each of us contain records of how we felt the motives, being the child as we perceived this world that we felt in relation to this world and as we adapted to it. A state I the Parent unite persons who are emotionally significant authorities; a state I the Child represent an inner world of feelings, experiences and adaptations.

The realizing person can define the line of the vital plans and copy the dramas according to the unique identity. Such people can meet with possible I and cope with constraint to live in strictly certain framework. It comes to most of people not so easily, and actually such work is often painful and demands big efforts.

Each personality has fancies of parents which form her the Parent. Times of people behaves, speaks, gesticulates and thinks as it was done by his parents. Sometimes the person is under the influence of their internal messages.