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In modern western literature quite sharp delimitation of scientists in connection with this problem. One consider that at the existing system the overwhelming part of scientific and technical information in multinational corporations which, using patent protection, seek to hold the monopoly for innovations and their distribution, limit their application to the multibranch world network, to developing countries transfer not the most advanced technology, stir a of enterprise spirit in these countries and promote "technological neo-colonialism".

Other authors prove, on the contrary, that thanks to the created system of a certain protection and guarantees activity and multinational corporation is stimulated promote distribution of the technology in the world, adapting it for various conditions of the countries, for the technical means which are available there, for the level and qualification of local shots, and adaptation of technology to local specifics only and in power to these.

Competitive advantage mentions all system of creation of values (all set of the kinds of activity involved in the process of creation of a product and its use covering chains of values of firm, suppliers, intermediaries, buyers.

As in the first case of transfer of a in pure form does not occur, we to two another. It is obvious that from the point of view of purely economic interests of a the most favorable and effective that way, at which total the smallest, and benefit the greatest.

The competitive strategy used by successful firms were various in every respect. And still each firm which took long competitive advantage, showed the certain methods of behavior put in its basis. Being very important for the competition within the country, these principles gain still bigger value thanks to the global competition.

The strengthening of a mutual exchange of technology between the developed countries which became the leading tendency in the world market gives a reason to the western researchers to tell about ­ to "fight of technologies", about a new era in the international economic relations owing to the outlined replacement "an of goods export of a non-material and services, generally technology".