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Heads of the enterprises, chief accountants and cash workers have to understand accurately that they will bear a liability for violation of the relevant provisions and instructions and not to allow such violations.

Compensation, payment of grants for social insurance and grants is made by the cashier according to payment (settlement and payment) sheets without drawing up the account cash warrant for each recipient.

The delivery of money from cash desk which is not confirmed with the receipt of the recipient in the account cash warrant or other document replacing it in a justification of the rest of cash in cash desk is not accepted. This sum is considered shortage and is collected from the cashier. The cash which is not confirmed with credit cash orders is considered as surplus of cash desk and is enlisted in the income of the enterprise.

On the title (header) page of the payment (settlement and payment) sheet the allowing inscription about delivery of money behind signatures of the head and chief accountant of the enterprise or persons on it representatives becomes.

Receipt warrants are signed by the chief accountant or the person authorized by it, and account warrants - the head of the organization and the chief accountant or persons with them representatives. When on the documents attached to account cash warrants, statements there is an allowing signature of the head on account cash warrants is not obligatory.