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At incomplete filling of sections (a tank compartment (tags are lower) or at their various capacity the joint tests make on each section (compartment) separately. For this purpose from each section (a compartment dot tests (not less than two) select, them in ware, mix and make the joint test about 1,00 dm3 of (l).

Densimeters (not less than two) have to be washed carefully up by the washing solutions and are washed out by the distilled water. After that they are dried up in the electric furnace at (110 ± 1 °C not less than 30 min., take out from the electric furnace, maintain at a temperature not less than 30 min. and weigh by method of exact weighing.

After hashing of milk in flasks dot test is selected a tube (the item from each unit of production in a, slowly immersing it to the bottom flasks with such speed that milk came to a tube along with its immersion. dot tests place in ware, mix and the joint test about 1,00 dm3 of (l).

Selection of dot tests for drawing up the integrated of cream about 0,50 dm ³ (l) is made the same as for milk (subitem 3. From the joint test of cream after a allocate the test intended for the analysis, about 0,10 dm3 (l).

Surface plasma of grains forms in macrodrop oil, connected by wide channels through which diffusion of nutrients and advance of microbes can be carried out. When washing oil grain with water the surface buttermilk rich with nutrients for microbes, is removed, it firmness of oil at storage increases. However, with washing flavoring and aromatic substances of plasma are removed, taste and aroma of oil are weakened, rather empty relish is impacted to it. Besides, plasma of oil possesses anti-oxidizing properties owing to the sulfgidrilny groups containing in it (-SH), tocopherol (vitamin, β – carotene, fosfatid. Therefore washing of oil is justified for bakterialno the polluted cream and at storage of oil at temperatures close to positive.

After hashing of milk in entirely the filled railway and automobile tanks dot tests select a mug or a tube, slowly immersing it to the bottom container. From each section (dot tests select a tank compartment in identical quantity. Dot tests place in ware, mix and make of them the joint test about 1,00 dm3 of (l).

Proteins of milk contain almost all irreplaceable amino acids: Tryptophane, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Lysine, Valin, Treonin, Arginin, Cysteine, Leucine, Izoleytsin. Comprehensibility of milk fat makes 95%, dairy sugar – 98%. Milk activates work of a digestive tract and is acquired even during the weak sekretorny work of digestive glands.

Test (the volume of 0,25 or 0,50 dm ³ carefully mix and it is careful, in order to avoid formation of foam, pour on a in the dry cylinder which should be held in slightly inclined situation. If on a test surface in the cylinder foam was formed, it remove a mixer.

The allowed divergence between two results an of density should not exceed on absolute value 0,3 kg/m3 — for milk. If divergences exceed admissible, density take repeated control measurements.

At selection of dot test of milk and cream apply circles with the extended handles with a capacity of 0,50 or 0,25 dm ³ (l) metal or plastic cylindrical tubes with an internal diameter of 9 mm on all length of a tube.

The tests of milk and cream intended for definition of physical and chemical indicators mix by a ware perevertyvaniye not less than three times or transfusions in other dry ware and back not less than two times,

Areometers and the necessary glass equipment have to be washed carefully up by the washing solutions, the moisture remains linen fabric or a towel are rinsed with or boiled drinking water, and, then all equipment has to be sustained on air before full drying

Sampling of milk of cream is made in the presence of a (the inspector. On delivery milk and cream from local plants the railway or water transport allows to make sampling without presence of the deliverer.

The dry and pure areometer is lowered slowly in test, immersing it until to an estimated of an areometrichesky scale there are no 3 — 4 mm, then leave it in freely floating state. The areometer should not concern cylinder walls.