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In the capital work "Marxist Ethics" emergence of codes is explained by aspiration of professional groups to support own prestige. Considerably so it also is. The mechanics of emergence of codes is grabbed truly. Without having secured with support of professionals and without having fixed in their consciousness, requirements of society are incapable to turn into rules of behavior with which it is necessary to reckon.

Insult, that is the humiliation of honor and dignity of other person expressed in an indecent form, containing in a public statement, publicly shown work or mass media -

If, satisfying interest of the reader in accurate information, the correspondent the publication helps to adjust constructive cooperation with society as that is demanded by the publisher, the conflict between two forms of a public debt, clearly, does not come.

Judging by contents of the first codes, their originators were under the influence of the concept of the free press which arose at the beginning of the century, or as it differently call, libertalny. Sources of this concept go back to J. Milton's ideas, T. Jefferson, J. Sr. The mile, and its contents can be reduced literally to several points. Here they:

However, among experts voices as if the professional morals of the principles have no at all sometimes are distributed and borrows them at dominating in the society of moral. Business, probably, in that contents which is put in the concept "principle". If to consider it as the requirement absolute, really the professional morals borrow such norms from the general moral. It is truthfulness, objectivity, commitment to a freedom of speech. In professional codes these requirements are only concretized.

The individual consciousness perceives professional morals not as something absolute. On the contrary, it compares its norms with the general requirements of moral which the individual acquires even before familiarizing with a profession.

Considering essence of the person as set of his public relations, it is necessary to emphasize value of cash interests in determination of behavior of the individual. Social interests predetermine also the main orientation it positions. But completely in the power of the interests and needs of people is until he does not allocate itself(himself) from world around, does not consider the relation to the world, to other people and to himself as the relation, while thereby he does not understand himself as the personality capable to operate itself(himself).

The slander, that is distribution of obviously false data discrediting honor and dignity of other person or hurting his reputation, containing in a public statement, publicly shown work or mass media -

At identification with social group the individual feels its radical interests as own and the principles of behavior chooses that meet group, class needs. However already free choice of these principles to which the personality consciously subordinates the behavior, means at the same time her self-determination, allocation from group, an eminence over cash requirements. Influence of social-class interest on behavior of the personality stops being blind and spontaneous because it is mediated by the principles which are consciously elected by her.