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The causal explanation of many physical phenomena, i.e. real embodiment of the principle of causality which arose still in the ancient time in natural sciences, brought in the end of XVIII - the beginning of the XIX centuries to inevitable absolutization of classical mechanics. There was a philosophical doctrine a mechanical determinism which classical representative was Pierre Simon Laplace (1749-182 - the French mathematician, the physicist and the philosopher. The Laplace determinism expresses idea of an absolute determinism - confidence that all events have the reason in human concept and there is unknown reason a need.

The mechanical determinism unites such concepts as "matter", "information", "space" and "time" in a whole. All these concepts have to be considered as different manifestations uniform something which can be conditionally called the absolute.

The current of time can occur in the different coordinate systems which are not coinciding with each other, however transition from one - in another, cannot lead to violation of causal and time communications and unambiguity of the future.

At the same time perhaps passive movement, both in the past, and in the future, on condition of only supervision over the events and impossibility of active impact on it. Perhaps only passive contemplation of pictures occurring and the future.

Follows from Maxwell's equations that either electric charges, or magnetic fields changing in time can be sources of electric field, and magnetic fields can be excited or moving electric charges (electric currents), or variation electric fields. Maxwell's equations are not symmetric rather electric and magnetic water. It is connected with that in the nature there are electric charges, but there are no charges magnetic.

According to the deterministic concept of people submits to logical need, without realizing it, he acts independently, but differently cannot arrive. Even in a basis, in our representation, the most absurd, illogical acts a certain logic, unclear to us is hidden. In this regard sometimes it is necessary to hear statements that if the future is unambiguous, deterministic views are in character similar with the sermon of fatalism.