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At the most general approach of classification of the countries of the world community it is possible to allocate: three groups of the states according to specifics of economic systems – the countries with developed. the developing market economy and the countries with non-market economy; three groups on development degree (it is low, so-so, vysokorazvita; new industrial countries (NIC) of Southeast Asia and Latin America; highly profitable petroexporting (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the friend; least developed countries (LDC), including the poorest countries of the world (Chad, Bangladesh, Ethiopia); various regional unions and integration groups.

On the other hand, being guided by achievements of the developed countries, the countries of the periphery actively look for additional opportunities for industrial growth. Intensifying development of natural raw materials, they thereby increase intensity of the export and receive additional resources for development of economy and the solution of social problems.

The completely open. Completely open economy is understood also as economy which development is defined by the tendencies operating in the world economy. External relations of the country amplify, and to transition to higher level of development there is both absolute, and their relative expansion.

According to experts, there are now bases to speak about triple-pole global structure of direct foreign investments: The USA – the European Union – Japan. It is the share of "triad" approximately up to 4/5 public volumes of input and output of investments, that is it is significantly more than their specific weight in international trade.